New Children's Sewing Patterns

The collection of children's sewing patterns is available on PDFs and now paper sewing patterns are here! I'm taking all of the bestselling indie sewing patterns and turning them into printed paper sewing patterns for you. 

cloud dress sewing pattern and hand

So what's the difference between the two types of sewing patterns?

PDF Sewing Patterns: 

There are a few advantages to PDF sewing patterns. And not having to wait on shipping is one of them! You get the link to download the PDF as soon as you finish the checkout so you can find what you like, get in and get going on your next sewing project. 

The con is that you are going to have to print out the pattern pages yourself. You can print them at home and cut them and tape them together. This can take some time and be a little finicky. Or you can get it printed for you on a large piece of paper by a print or copy shop. Check out my post on How to Print a PDF Sewing pattern here

Printed Sewing Patterns: 

Having a printed hard copy of a pattern can be so satisfying too. There is something wonderful about wandering around a fabric store, paper sewing pattern in hand, browsing for just the right fabric to make your project. I'm a very tactile person I enjoy the having an actual paper version of things over the digital.  

Pick your preference: 

Its really about what you prefer and what you have access to in your area. Some people prefer to pick a couple of indie sewing patterns over time and get them printed together to save on shipping. While other times you might be trying to get something done quickly. 

Whatever you choose, the important part is taking time to enjoy your hobby. Happy sewing!

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