The Latest Girls Dress Pattern is here!

The newest children's sewing pattern is here! This pinafore dress pattern is ready for special occasions or really any day your little wants. Get ready for the new girls dress pattern where you'll be sewing some ruffles and gathers! 

pinafore dress with striped shirt and red flower

About the Design: 

I'm really excited to share this new sewing pattern with you. To be honest, ruffles are not my favorite design element. But having a little girl who loves anything girly, I wanted to incorporate them into this pinafore dress sewing pattern to make this sewing pattern for kids more even fun. And the ruffles are optional if you aren't feeling them or want vary the sewing pattern as you go. 

How to wear it: 

This adorable girls dress pattern let's you layer up a dress over a long sleeve and tights or pants. Perfect for when your little one wants to wear dresses year round but its actually cold out. 

See the pinafore sewing pattern: 

Check out the pinafore listing and girls dress pattern here for the size chart and more pictures and details about the sewing pattern. 
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