Sewing Gift Guide

What to give the sewist in your life? Whether someone is really into sewing or just starting out, below are some ideas that will work for the holidays, birthdays or any special occasion.

Start by poking around (if possible) where they sew and see if there’s anything worn out or old. Then check if it seems like they are low on anything, a box of sewing needles with one left or empty thread spools lying around? These are great things to refresh and easy wins for you.  

Pay attention to what they have - maybe there is a LOT of quilting fabric, think about a new quilt pattern book or gift certificate to a bookstore to get one. They are probably leaving little hints around their workspace without even realizing it. 

And here are some specific ideas to get you gift giving going: 

  1. Pins. Or clips depending on what they prefer. These are essential for sewing and they wear over time so a refresh is always a good idea. 
  2. Rotary cutter blades. If there is a rotary cutter around chances are it could use a new blade. Just buy a pack, they dull pretty quickly with use. 
  3. Gift cards! These get a bad rap for being impersonal but I would argue a gift card to a fav fabric store is pretty thoughtful. Add in a favorite candy or treat and its a pretty nice gift. You can also make this a combo gift with a trip to a favorite coffee shop or meal located nearby the shop for a whole little day trip. Check out the options in my store
  4. Fun sewing labels like Kyle and the Machine. These are funny and thoughtful. 
  5. Supplies like thread in easy colors like black and white or any color they use a lot. 
  6. Take a pic of their sewing machine or needle box and head to the fabric store, they will help you find the right needles. Or google it and buy it online. 

Getting your sewing enthusiast a great gift isn’t too terribly hard. Just pay attention to what they are using and get some more of it. Treat them to something new if you are confident in your decisions or a gift card can make a nice gift too. 

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