How to Download a PDF Sewing Pattern

There's a lot of great digital sewing patterns out there and you're ready to start your new project. But how to you get going on your downloadable sewing pattern? There are few ways to get started and I'll walk you through the options so you can choose what suits you.

cloud dress flay lay with scissors and sewing tools



First up you need to get the files. Some brands will send you a digital pdf download link right after purchase. This may contain links to the files directly or might be a compressed or zipped file. There direct links are ready for you to open and check out the pattern. For the zipped file just click on it. It will then guide you to extract the files and then double click on the to open them up.



Next up is getting your pattern pieces printed. You don't need to print out the instructions but if you don't have computer access near your sewing machine you may want them on hand. For printing generally you'll have two options:

  1. The 8.5 by 11 inch home printing option. You will have to print out the pages, tape them together and then cut out the pattern pieces. This is great if you want to get going right away on your project and also for smaller patterns like kids clothing. 
  2. Some brands will offer a larger "copy shop" size pattern. This could be an A0, A1 or 24 by 36" inch page. This lets you send the file to your local copy shop to get it printed, saving you the time of taping the pieces together. It does however have a cost and may not be efficient if there isn't a copy shop close to you. Some fabric shops are starting to offer this service. 

For even more info on printing, check out my write up here.  

Either option can work well and let's you go quickly from "I see it, I want it and I'm going to make it". It also opens up access to more sewing patterns to find exactly what you want for you next project.  Check out my line up of sewing patterns for kids here all ready for instant download.

BUT if you prefer, paper is still a great way to go. You get it all ready for your next project in one sewing pattern paper page or pages. And you don't have an extra step to get ready for your sewing. 

There's no wrong way to get your patterns its more a case of what works for you and how much you want to get sewing! 

Happy sewing!

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