Sewing Tips for a Flower Girl's Dress

So you want to make a flower girl dress? It's a great way to show off your sewing skills and get a custom look for a very special day. Here are some tips and tricks to sew an easy, fun and adorable girls dress. 

flower girl in pink with flower basket and gold shoes

First off let me say I love sewing projects for special occasions because you know there will be many, many photos taken. While that flower girls dress won’t get that many wears it will hold a special place. 

So here we go:

  • Use what you have: If you have childrens sewing patterns that you already know well and are comfortable with, think about adapting it. For example, my new peplum shirt pattern would look so cute with either a second tier added to make it a dress length and some sparkly buttons. Or the apple shirt PDF pattern is a simple girl’s sewing pattern that you could double the volume on the skirt to make it look more formal. (This is the one shown in the picture at the top.) If you need to buy a new flower girls dress pattern, look for indie sewing patterns for unique options. 
  • Think about location and place, a super fancy fru fru dress will look out of place in a rustic barn wedding and a casual dress will look out of place at a formal event. So for more casual vibes think linen and cotton in high quality. For a fancy event think about satin and silk for a formal look. Make sure you use the right needle for whatever fabric you choose
  • Let the cute kid shine, IMHO the kid should be the focus not the dress. And once you have the dress and the flower and the hair and the aisle it can be a lot. Think about the dress allowing for the moment but not stealing it. Plus it will be even cuter for dancing if it moves a little and isn’t overtaking the little one. 
    • Use your accessories wisely. For instance, if the dress isn’t coming together as smoothly as you would like, a strategically placed fabric flower  or belt can hide a lot of sewing mistakes. 
      • This is the time to get the sparkles! Get the fancy buttons and trims and ribbons! They can add a lot in small doses and take the whole look up a level.  

        So there are a few pointers to get you started on a very fun project. Let me know what you think! Have you already made a flower girl dress? Happy sewing!

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